5 Decade Rotary Switch Programmable Resistance Board 0-99999 Ohms - Project info/download and PCB Order Page

Build a 5 decade programmable resistance box that uses five 10-position rotary switches to adjust resistance between 0-99999 Ohms, helpful for developing and troubleshooting electronic circuits.

Requires soldering and assembly. Please only attempt to build this item if you have experience and confidence with soldering and project assembly.

Please be aware that the kit is for electronics hobbyists only – it is not calibrated and some tolerance for error in the resistance values should be expected after construction.

You can order a PCB for the project below. Full Kits may also be available on eBay (AU Only), subject to component availability.

To construct one, you will need: * Resistors can be 1w, 0.5w, or 0.25w - the wattage of the resistors will define the max wattage for your decade resistance box.
** If using the TAKACHI YM-100 enclosure then we found that we needed to get the style of banana plug sockets with a long threaded shaft that can bolt onto the PCB and still clear the top of the case such as these.

Here's a video covering construction:

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