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The P112 is a stand-alone 8-bit CPU Single Board Computer. Typically running CP/M or a similar operating system such as ZSDOS, it uses a Z80182 (Z80 upgrade) CPU with up to 1MB of SRAM memory. Designed by David Brooks in 1996, it is possibly the first homebrew "SBC". According to Dave Brooks's website, the P112 design was released to the public domain under the GPL v2 in 2016.

I recently had manufactured a very limited number of P112 PCBs and have decided to make the surplus available. I had them manufactured as I was unable to obtain a board to build a new P112 elsewhere. I had the boards made with a red soldermask as shown in the pictures below so they can be easily differentiated from the previous runs of the board for which David Griffith was available. I have constructed and tested one board, and it boots well to floppy and also to IDE HDD (via a D-GIDE daughterboard). If you manage to get a P112 up and running then I highly recommend purchasing a D-GIDE P112 kit from TG Consulting with an optional CF-IDE adapter with CF card which includes ~16MB of source code, compilers, assemblers, utilities and some popular CP/M applications.

P112 Quick Links: You can order a bare P112 PCB using the payment options below. The boards are 4-layer, 1.6mm thick, and measure 130x100mm.

NOTE: Only the PCB is included and no components. Some of the components are difficult to solder, so do not attempt if you are a novice! Most components are fairly easy to find but you may need to put your electronics detective hat on to hunt down the CPU and SUPER I/O chip, which are now somewhat rare and hard to find (although available with some luck and patience on sites such as eBay, Aliexpress, and also apparently at UTSOURCE). NOTE2: Both the Z8018233FSC and FDC37C665GT appear to be available at UTSOURCE (03/2020). It is advisable to seek the FDC37C665GT as the other FDC37C variants, including the FDC37C651 and FDC37C665IR have been found to be incompatible with the latest P112 BIOS (despite being listed as compatible in some P112 documentation).

A blank PCB as shown above is what will be mailed to you.

A picture of a fully operational P112 using one of these boards. Some optional components have been omitted.

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