Useful UtilitiesThis page was generated on Tue Jun 12 03:49:58 2001 96kAnotherapp util for Win95.- Computer Clinic Mar 98
arj230.exe 194kThe ARJ compression/archiving system (self ext)
athelp.exe 33kConvenient listing of Hayes AT modem commands
c96setup.exe 2179kCoolEdit96 sound file editor/generator for Win95 37kNew version of the popular cache checking program 56kCommunications protocol driver software 1kReboots your PC - Computer Clinic column Aug 98 305kAMIDiag PC diagnostics (AMI BIOS only) - shareware 30kSimple Wordstar compatible text editor 285kA bit of frivolity...
op212e.exe 771kOpera v2.12 web browser for windows (16 bit)
pak251.exe 100kThe ARC compression/archiving system (self ext) 30kInfo on the PC's POST routine and diagnostic codes
picem.exe 51kImage file viewer (freeware)
picem.txt 14kDocumentation for PICEM.EXE
pkz204g.exe 197kThe ZIP compression/archiving system (self ext)
qm452td1.exe 324kQmodem terminal program for DOS - disk #1
qm452td2.exe 353kQmodem terminal program for DOS - disk #2 506kQuikMenu icon-based desktop/menu for DOS - great! 383kArchive manager, makes it easy to arch/unarchive 22kSimple Wordstar compatible text editor 3kA list of Smileys to jazz up your email...
snoop33.arj 157kSnooper v3.3 System information utility for PCs
svga.exe 422kSVGA drivers for Win 3.1x. (M's Madhouse, Jul 98) 11KY2K complient version of Timedate.exe (Computer Clinic, May 1999) 433kStar puzzle game from Information Centre (Feb 97) 16kSmall (12k) text editor - very handy 16kUnique filename util - Comp Clinic (June 98) 169kTelix v3.22 comms software for DOS - disk #1 64kTelix v3.22 comms software for DOS - disk #2 198kTelix v3.22 comms software for DOS - disk #3 177kTelix v3.22 comms software for DOS - disk #4 143kVDE Wordstar-like text editor - ref: Moffat's mdhs 11kShell for VDE Editor - adds features! 18kVMC v1.10 Macro compiler for VDE editor 1kCtrl-Alt-Del your PC - Computer Clinic Aug 98
zoo201.exe 80kThe ZOO compression/archiving system (self ext)