Project softwareThis page was generated on Wed Apr 18 03:26:22 2001 234kWindows software for the 24 line I/O card (Nov 96) 2kDriver program for 256 input ADC (CDI Nov 1996) 83kPLD files for 32-bit Logic Analyser (Oct 96) 2kSimple GWBASIC programs for Flexitimer (Mar 91) 267kSource code, diagrams and PCBs for 750A Motor Controller (Dec 99 - Jan 00) 42kDLL and source for using the 24-line I/O card (EA Nov 96) in VB4 & 5 334kAll the latest Pocket Sampler files. This is the one to get! 81kGraphical waveform editor for Arb/Func. Gen. 138kWaveform/file handler for PC Driven Arb/func. Gen.
attenpad.bas 10kSimple attenuator pad calculator (GWBASIC) 326kAudiotester program suite (32-bit ver) - EA Aug 98 230kAudiotester program suite (16-bit ver) - EA Aug 98 52kUPDATED support progs for Remote Power-up: Sept 97 5kSource code for Caps Catcher Project (March 98) 7kSimple Computer Interface QBASIC programs (Nov 95)
chescode.s19 17kObj code for Chess computer as S19 file (July 95) 11kCurve tracer adaptor for DSOA Mk2 - CDI Nov 98
daasdemo.exe 740kDemo of Digital Audio Analyser System -- Win95 37kSample programs for the PC-Based DAQ (Jan 97)
dds2tone.bas 2kTwo tone program for PC-driven DDS (July 93)
dds3cw&s.exe 164kVB-DOS Program for Novatech DDS3 card (Feb 94)
ddsfreq2.bas 2kFreq control program for PC-driven DDS (July 93)
ddsfreq3.bas 2kFreq control program for PC-driven DDS (July 93) 105kYADDS Sweeper: DEMO version (March/April 96) 78kDemo of David Jones' DSO Adaptor software 3kAnnotated source code listing for PC-ECG software.
ecgprogs.txt 7kMods for ECG software - cont trace, Holter mode. 252kPC-Driven EGO Analyser software v1.11 (Feb 1996) 439kAll sourcecode for the EGO Analyser, in Visual Basic for DOS, v1.0 99kSoftware for 1993 EPROM progmmr: incl C source inf 52kDemo of EPROM programmer software - from author 101kEPROM programmer software - full vrsn, from author 26kDemo of David Jones' EPROM Programmer software
fgen.c 2kBen Low's C source for Arb/Fn gen. (Apr 97) 118kFunction Generator files for Arb/Fn Gen.(Mar 97) 8kFiles for PC-based function generator (Jan 89) 179kFrame Grabber for PC's, plus C listing (Aug 89) 25kHEXtoBINARY converter for EPROM prgmr - Glen Pure 20kI-squared-C interface software (CDI, September 1999)
iotestv4.bas 1kTesting program for RS-232 port I/O (Aug 91) 30kSoftware for IR Controller for PC (CDI Sep 98)
laser.c 4kLaser Pointer RS-232 Transceiver source code (Oct 97)
laser.exe 18kLaser Pointer RS-232 Transceiver software (Oct 97) 19kLogic analyser software for TI graphing calculator (CDI July 1999) 66kM4 CPLD source files for Digital Trigger Adapter (Feb 99) 37kTom Moffat's MIDI files (see Madhouse Sept 96) 41kOscilloscope thru soundcard (16-bit ver) - Aug 98 89kOscilloscope thru soundcard (32-bit ver) - Aug 98 6kProgram for PC driven Electrocardiogram (July 95) 55kPC-Based Logic Analyser demo software (Oct/Nov96)
pocket.exe 71kPocket Sampler software (v1.1) - self extracting
pocket.src 3kAssembly source code listing for Pocket Sampler 58kSoftware for the Pocket Sampler v1.1 (August 1996) 59kPocket Sampler file graphing software (June 98) 30kPocket Sampler text mode version - NEW! (Jun 98)
portfind.bas 1kReports printer port address - handy
posttest.asc 1kSoftware for POST test card, generic BASIC listing
posttest.bas 1kSoftware for POST test card, QBASIC format
posttest.exe 29kSoftware for POST test card, compiled executable
pport.bas 1kParallel port interface program in BASIC (CDI, Dec 99) 59kFiles for PC-based protocol analyser (Feb 95) 4kCode for Rally Computer EPROM, hex & txt (Jun 85) 164kFiles for reaction timer project (Mar 94)
res.c 1kBen Low's C source for Arb/Fn gen. (Apr 97) 92kSource code for July 95 Chess Comp - from author 150kSimple scope: PC soundcard - from BIP 582kWINDOWS software for DSO Adaptor - beta version
serltest.bas 3kTesting program for RS-232 port I/O (Aug 91) 14kSource code and BASIC test program for Servo Controller project, Sep 2000 116kSignal generator: PC soundcard - from BIP 445kFiles for software DDS (Jan 94 - UPDATED)
spectrum.exe 190kSimple spectrum analyser & scope for '95 EA Aug 98
splus40_.exe 1722kSpectraPlus Spetrum analyser for soundcards -Win95
stormkng.jpg 49kImage from EPSON PhotoPC500 camera - Mar 97 review
stv5730a.pdf 236kData Sheet for the STV5730 OSD Video IC 32kSoftware for PC-Driven Video Text Overlay Module (August 1999) 39kAudio oscillator & sweep generator for PCs V3 - uses soundcard 33kTom Moffat's MIDI files - see April 1996 issue 601kDelphi 4 runtime library file - needed for generator
vngclock.s19 4kObject code for VNG Radio Clock. (March 1998) 32kWatchdog Timer proj. (Nov 95) - executable files 21kWatchdog Timer proj. (Nov 95) - Autotrax PCB file 3kWatchdog Timer proj. (Nov 95) - C source files
winspec_.exe 429kGSpec spectrum analyser for soundcards -- Win95 69kPublic domain drivers for the YADDS-1 board 52kDrivers for YAPLL modules + source code (Feb 97)