Technical softwareThis page was generated on Thu Apr 19 10:45:56 2001 114kProgram for designing PLLs (74HC4046, etc) 317kTRAKSAT satellite tracking program (NORAD/NASA) 94kPhilips MOSFET device data 109kPhilips transistor data 92kPhilips opto device data 110kPhilips diode data 299kELECTRON: circuit design & calculation progs 166kDesign data on popular types of heatsink
3993s.pcb 22kPCB design hints chart courtesy RCS Radio 231kWindows based 555 calculator 438k555 + LCR calculator for Windows - very nice!
555timer.exe 31k555 timer calculator, astable mode. From RCS Radio
amptrack.exe 36kCalc's current capacity of PCB tracks (RCS Radio)
as5_new.exe 18kMotorola's freeware 6805 assembler 5kFast HP-PCL Autotrax printer drivers (& Easytrax?) 82kChecks if your sound card supports full duplex 147kPacket radio terminal prog for PC without TNC 25kBOXPLOT speaker box designer for Windows 915kPowerful CAD/CAM shareware package for DOS (Jun/Jul 99)
demorcs1.pcb 23k"Good Design Practice" PCB (RCS Radio)
eaetihe.exe 241kListing of all PCBs for EA/ETI projects (RCS Radi) 460kProtel's Easytrax PCB design software - PD version 33kEasytrax/Autotrax User Guide (RCS Radio)
easypadz.exe 43kEASYTRAX GLOBAL pad type/size converter
easytrak.exe 45kEASYTRAX GLOBAL Track Width Converter. 155kElectronic Circuit Designer - circuit calculations 264kEMC filter design software -- Twin Tee, etc
ezschem1.exe 8kDoc file for EZYSCHEM.LIB - self executing
ezschem1.lib 77kDraw schematics with Easytrax! - component library
ezschem1.pcb 131kReminder chart for EZSCHEM1.LIB 59k All three EZSCHEM1 files (PCB,EXE,LIB) compressed 122k555 Timer Astable/Monostable designer. 37kElectrical filter designs, esp Butterworth 182kPC-GPS software for Garmin or Lowrance GPS (GPS Exposed, Dec 99) 47kDemo software for a PC-driven GDS programmer 201kDownload/viewer for Velleman handheld scope -Win95 1291kICAPS4/Windows circuit simulation prog: Disk 1/3 1267kICAPS4/Windows circuit simulation prog: Disk 2/3 1075kICAPS4/Windows circuit simulation prog: Disk 3/3 2kParallel in/out DLL for Visual Basic for Windows 45kLogisym digital circuit simulator - gate level 649kLspCAD Lite for Windows speaker design program 63kPowerful scientific calculator 50kPacket radio terminal program 792kProtel PCB for Windows Demo - 1 (can't save) 707kProtel PCB for Windows Demo - 2 (can't save) 67kPacket radio TNC controller (very smart!) 122kTransceiver software for decoding CCIR radio pagers
rcsezy.inf 2kReadme file for RCSEZYx and 3993S files 60kRCS improved Easy/Autotrax library -see RCSEZY.INF 87kAnother Easy/Autotrax lib from RCS -see RCSEZY.INF 10kDrill tool table for Easy/Autotrax from RCS + docs 122kGraphical resistor colour code converter 98kRF design software (includes Smith chart) 81kRF match calculator and optimiser for Hams 95kRF and Microwave engineering calculator 25kCopy morse code from audio output of radio 917kProtel Schematic for Windows Demo - 1 (can't save) 803kProtel Schematic for Windows Demo - 2 (can't save) 477kProtel Schematic for Windows Demo - 3 (can't save) 177kSpeakerDES speaker system designer for DOS 33kFault/cure index from the Serviceman: 1975 to 1987 80kPhilips/Fluke ScopeMeter 97 setup/data utilities 23kSmith Chart (blank) in PostScript file form 1581kSoundcard-based speaker testing software 127kSwitchers Made Simple software (EWE Jan 95) 25kValve substitute/cross-reference database program 88kGenerates a standard test pattern on your monitor. Cool! 14kTransistor substitute/cross-reference database prg
wbshare.exe 4185kIVEX' WinBoard PCB Layout v2.20 demo - Win 3.11 1032kSupport prog. for WINBORD/DRAFT - Disk 1 of 2 1180kSupport prog. for WINBORD/DRAFT - Disk 1 of 2 1105kPCB design/Windows V2.15(new) - Disk 1 of 2 1236kPCB design/Windows V2.15 (new) - Disk 2 of 2 1282kSchematic capture/Windows V1.26 (new) - Disk 1/2 845kSchematic capture/Windows V1.26 (new) - Disk 2/2