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This listing is for a complete kit including all the components needed to build a fully operational opensource Gigatron TTL computer & accompanying PS2 keyboard adapter! If you would prefer to source the components yourself then see our other listing for just the Gigatron PCBs.

A TTL computer is a computer where the components of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) are made out of individual Transistor-Transistor-Logic chips, instead of all of them being integrated onto a single microprocessor chip. It's incredibly educational to study how a fully programmable general-purpose computer can be made without a CPU chip! The Gigatron TTL microcomputer is a minimalistic retro computer comparable to the 8-bit microcomputers of the 1970s and 1980s.

This project is not for the compete novice! You will require some skill in electronics to construct.

Just to be clear: This is an opensource project (we did not design it) and aside from any fault in the parts provided we can not promise any direct support with construction or use of it. If you require assistance you will need to ask for help in the appropriate community discussion forums.

Kit includes:
  • Gigatron PCB (235mm * 158.8mm * 1.6mm).
  • "Plugface" PS2 Keyboard PCB (44.5 mm * 21.6 mm * 1.6mm).
  • All components necessary to build a working Gigatron & PS2 "Plugface" adapter.
  • Game controller (DB-9, famicom clone).
  • The ROM and ATTINY85 have been pre-programmed with the appropriate code for the Gigatron.
See Packing List for full list of parts provided.

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