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06masthd.pdf 136kSample file from Adobe Distiller 234kRemove Internet Explorer from Win98. Experimental program, so backup first!
ar16e301.exe 3916kAdobe Acrobat Reader, V3.01/16 bit
arcn14b2.exe 927kArachne DOS based web browser 114kCGI demo files for Computer Clinic column Sep 98
cute2016.exe 546kCuteFTP FTP software -- 16 bit version 19kStops access to undesired websites. (Letter From USA, April 2001)
linklist.htm 4kHandy list of semiconductor manufacturers
o321e16.exe 1149kOpera web browser 17k32-bit version of PRINTF.EXE, as mentioned in Computer Clinic (EA, May 1999)
theoth32.exe 1899kThe Other Browser for Windows
webwatch.htm 8kListing of Webwatch sites since May 1997
winamp20.exe 507kWinAmp v2.0: great MP3 player -- for Win95