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$10won11.txt 1kErrata for $10 wonders #11: Capacitance gauge
1gz_n&e.txt 1kErrata for 1Ghz Frequency Counter (April 1993)
240verr.txt 1kErrata for 240V Variable Frequency Drive, Jul 98
aberror.exe 21kCorrect o/lay for Interior Light Delay - Apr 97
act_err.txt 1kErrata for Active Antenna (Dec 95)
actant.exe 8kSelf-displaying diagram for ACT_ERR.txt
aprl_n&e.txt 1kNote on diagram errors in April issue
bikecom.txt 1kErrata for Motorcycle Intercom (Bikecom) July 1998
bmod.exe 17kInterior Light Delay (Apr 97) mod diagram - ct. B
brick.txt 1kErrata for The Brick power amplifier (June 1999)
brkfnder.txt 1kCable Break Finder (February 1998)
cablebrk.txt 1kErrata for Cable Break Finder (Feb 98)
cabletst.txt 1kErrata for Network Cable Tester - CDI March 97
dcsupply.txt 1kErrata for Simple DC Supply (CDI, Apr 99)
dse-ir.txt 1kErrata for DSE's IR transmitter (Sept 96)
dsoa_mk2.txt 5kSuggested mods for DSOA mk2 (May-July 94)
dsoa_n&e.txt 1kMore mods for DSOA Mk2 (May/June 1994)
ear_err.txt 1kErrata for Super Ear (May 98)
ecg_n&e.txt 1kErrata for PC-driven ECG (July 95)
ego1n&e.txt 1kErrata for PCd EGO Analyser - software update
ego_n&e.txt 1kErrata for PC-driven EGO Analyser (Jan/Feb 96)
ego_ne2.txt 1kErrata for EGO analyser (Jan-Feb 96) - Optocoupler
ego_pic.exe 12kSelf displaying diagram for EGO Analyser errata.
emf_n&e.txt 1kErrata for Cancer and E-M Fields (Feb 96)
eppnote.txt 1kNote/errata for EA EPROM Programmer (Sept 1993)
epromods.txt 4kMods to Sep/Oct 93 EPROM Programmer for 27512 etc.
ewe-volt.txt 1kErrata for Experimenting with Elect. (April 98)
ewe.txt 1kErrata for Experimenting with Electronics (April 9
ewe_n&e.txt 2kErrata for April EWE - missing parts list etc
fuelpuls.txt 1kErrata for Pulser for Fuel Pumps (CDI, Mar 99)
indt_n&e.txt 1kErrata for LC Inductance Adaptor (Dec 1992)
ircont.txt 1kUniversal IR Controller for a PC -- Circuit & Design Ideas (September 1998)
irtx_err.txt 1kErrata for IR xmitter (Jul 96) Also Pro 4 preamp
line_err.txt 1kErrata for Line Carrier Tx/Rx (Nov & Dec 1997)
mcro_n&e.txt 1kErrata for HV Diode tester (CDI, Dec 1995)
mcycle.txt 1kErrata for Motorcycle Intercom, Jul 98
miniosc.txt 1kErrata for the Miniosc Audio Oscillator
mk2_err.txt 1kErrata for DSOA Mk2 Ver3.3a Trigger Modification
pock_n&e.txt 1kErrata for Pocket Sampler (August 1996)
powerrly.txt 1kErrata for 240V Power Relay switch (Jan 1992)
ppbb_n&e.txt 1kErrata for Parallel Breakout Box (Aug 1995)
ppbb_pic.exe 14kSelf displaying diagram for Breakout Box errata
pro3mod.exe 18kModification for Pro3 poweramp - Q3 and Q4
pro4note.txt 1kNote/errata for Pro Series4 Preamp Dec 96 & Jan 97
recfend.txt 2kRecording Front End for PCs (September 1998)
rfo_err.txt 1kErrata for RF Oscillator (May/June 96)
screech.txt 1kScreecher Car Alarm (January 1999)
shoe2err.txt 1kAnother errata for `Shoestring' amp (Dec 1994)
shoe_n&e.txt 1kErrata for `Shoestring' Stereo amp (Dec 1994)
stea_n&e.txt 1kErrata for Boat/Train Steam Whistle (June 1996)
strobo.txt 1kErrata for Stroboscopic Tuner (May 96)
strobo2.txt 1kErrata #2 for Stroboscopic Tuner (May 96)
sub2_n&e.txt 1kAnother errata for 300W Subwoofer amp (Apr 1995)
sub3_n&e.txt 1kNew errata for 300W Subwoofer amplifier (Apr 95)
sub3_pic.exe 15kSelf displaying diagram for Subwoofer amp errata 3
sub_n&e.txt 1kErrata for 300W Subwoofer amp (Apr 1995)
subadapt.txt 1kErrata for 12V Subwoofer Adapter (March 96)
superear.txt 1kErrata for The Super Ear (May 98)
surround.txt 1kErrata for the Surround Sound Decoder (May 1999)
swpr_n&e.txt 1kErrata for PC Driven Audio Sweeper (March 96)
trn_err.txt 1kErrata for Model Train Controller (Nov 95)
vid-stab.txt 1kErrata for Video Stabiliser & Enhancer (Nov 1997)
vma_n&e.txt 1kErrata for Multiple Announcement Rec. (Feb 1995)
wonder.txt 1kErrata for $10 Wonder Jun 98 -- Capacitance gauge.
yappl.txt 1kErrata for PLL Modules (Jan 96)